Our Story

Laifen was established in 2019 by Hongxin Ye, a creative geek and his team of passionate developers, inspired by the idea that a well-developed motor could improve the performance of an appliance significantly.

With the endeavor of over 2 years, Laifen has finally been equipped with the technology of 110000 rpm motor, and integrated it into an outstanding high speed hair dryer, balancing a perfect user experience with an economical price.


Our Mission

“In the past, the smartphone revolution brought everyone a colorful, fast, convenient, and higher-quality life. Today, the same revolution is taking place in the field of personal care, and Laifen is one such revolutionary. We are driven by a vision to bring new experiences to our customers, with each product proving a complete upgrade to traditional products of the same kind.”

In addition to hair dryer, Laifen has devoted herself into the popularization of high technology, bringing the latest technology and more enjoyments to every family. 


Bring the latest technology into every family.